Ladybug frame

Custom Picture Frame from $2 Thrift Store Frame

Another fun and inspired project. To preface, this frame is for my Daughter and my very first granddaughter, so needless to say, it needed to be very special from “grandpa”. Here’s a big freebee takeaway for you – how much would it cost to get new glass, custom mat, and a good back for a picture frame? You can get all of that from a thrift store for cheap.

For this project, I tossed the existing frame, keeping all the rest. It came with perfect mat board, glass of course, and a very nice back with built in stand so it can be hung on a wall or placed with it’s stand.

Construction. I used a simple lap joint technique, no miters for the corners and routed the rabbit groove recess in the back.
Material is common pine with Weathered Grey stain finished off in satin clear. Lady bug design is Bloodwood body (natural red), maple died black for head and spots. Lady bug finished in high gloss, then epoxied to the frame.

You can see Various stages below beginning with the original frame and pine board.

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