Edison Lamp

Edison Lamps

Warm and inviting glow! Something about those old Edison type bulbs has always captivated me. Literally they seem warm and inviting to me. You can look right at them and see the details of glowing element; totally unlike regular bulbs that “blind” you.

In all honestly, it took me about 2 years from wanting to design some to actually making them. I had to research what to use, where to source the quality of hardware I wanted, and then decide how I wanted them to look. The first ones I built to look like a solid cube of hardwood using a woodworking technique called an endless grain box. What looks like a solid block of wood is actually a hollow box with each side’s edge matching the grain of the next side. Pretty complicated to get all the side miter joints and the top miter joints matching precisely. From a workshop perspective, these are really tough to get right. Since I’m such a stickler for absolute quality, I was not happy with anything less than perfect corners and miter joints. The look was totally appealing and very pleased.

Further designs related to the original cube include brass columns supporting solid hardwood top and bottom with an open space in the middle. Other styles have included a beautiful hand-blown glass Dome covering a complimenting style Edison bulb, and some more free-form lathe turned bases. Very exciting genre of lighting to work with.

Features can include any number of the following:

  • On/Off with Dimmer switch
  • Solid brass lamp socket
  • Brass hardware
  • Edison bulbs (of course :-))
  • Vintage Cloth Wrapped Power Cord in various awesome colors
  • Hardwood
  • Standard On/Off switch

Totally open to questions and special designs.

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