Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan: Round piece of wood bolted to a turn-table bearing track. Pretty easy right? Well…….. Not exactly.

The challenge on this one is to match an existing Rustic style table. I only have a couple mobile phone pics emailed to me of the table, and I want as always to bring my friends and customers something really special.

On the list to do:

  • Big 28 inch diameter.
  • Rustic Saw marks
  • Match the color(s) of the existing table
  • Oh, and build it heavy duty.

Created a large 32 inch square of 1 inch pine. Marked and rough cut out the circle. To clean up the circle to a precise 28 inch diameter, a jig was created to hold and rotate it against a 12 inch disk sander. Edge sanded, smooth and perfectly precise, a small round-over was routed top and bottom of the edge.

After the pretty, new and smooth 28 inch circle was finished, it’s time to rough it up and make it rustic. Two different saw marks – what you’d see from a Band saw, and those you’d see from a Circular saw blade. All handcrafted.

Finally matching the colors. A mix of 3 different stains were applied to match the table. Finished off with polyurethane, then hand-buffed with beeswax to a soft, beautiful glow.

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