Lumber Mill

Unloading Walnut at the Lumber Mill. Freshly cut tree will be custom milled into workable lumber. Already dreaming what to make!!! Very Happy Woodworker 🙂

What to do when a friend offers the wood from a Walnut tree they are cutting down. Of course I said YES! We cut the logs to roughly 7 or 8 feet in length. Luckily my friend had a tractor with forks to lift each log. The weight of some were near capacity for the little John Deer. We lifted and set the logs one at a time onto the tailgate, then slid them into the bed of my truck. My hard plastic bed liner made it pretty easy to slide and position the logs. One by one, we loaded up logs until “I” felt we were at capacity. Four logs loaded with one more I could have taken. Turned down number five as we felt would have pushed it and maxed out those rear shocks. All in all, it actually drove the freeway very well weight wise and handling. I have driven it with a heavier load.

Loaded with fresh cut logs



Picking up the sliced lumber from the Lumber Mill, here’s what the load looks like all cut up.

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