Cigar Box Edison Lamp

Something just captivating about that colorful cigar box; I had to give it Light!

Edison, Steampunk Style –

I received a couple of these beautiful, wooden Cigar Boxes. For whatever reason, perhaps call it inspired, I knew they needed repurposing, to become unique Edison lamps. The boxes themselves are of a nice, sturdy, wood construction. Inside, I added more wood for structural support as well as for mounting it to the base.

Healing Power of Copper?

Well, maybe not healing, but it sure looks great! I selected copper colored Cloth wound, vintage style cord with a vintage style plug. The lamp socket is a departure from the normal brass sockets. This lamp socket is clear polycarbonate showing off more beautiful copper within.

Inviting Unbalance

An on/off, dimmer switch was added off-set near the top left corner for an asymmetrical, perfectly unbalanced design. The dimmer switch has a distinctive, solid “click” on and off, and smooth dimmer functions, easily setting the mood from a soft, warm glow to bright. Quite literally and for some inexplicable attraction, this thing is fun to turn and bring the bulb to glowing life.

Solid and Strong

The solid Cast Iron wheel topping the dimmer control is big, bold and significant. Beautifully Industrial with weighty heft and strength. The blackened patina strikes a perfect contrast against the colors of the Punch cigar box.

Stately Style

Not to be over-shadowed by all above, the base was also designed to balance the lamp with stately style. More cast iron is found in the corner feet noting the same, beautifully industrial and blackened patina as the dimmer wheel.

Glow of a Bygone Era

Edison bulbs have become quite the rage in lighting style. I for one am exceedingly glad this style has come back. No blisteringly hot and blinding light, this style of bulb is warm and inviting. To the touch, it is warm, not hot like standard bulbs that sizzle your skin at the slightest touch. The light it gives off is inviting, not offensive. Much like the glow of a candle, you’ll find yourself easily captivated by the golden glow of the intricate spiral filament.

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