Bean Spoon

Bean Spoon

Bean Spoon

Bean Spoon

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Wonderfully Whimsical and Humorous Bean Spoon is a welcome and fun feature for any kitchen!

These began for me about 25 years ago when a friend and coworker asked if I could make some bean spoons for her Brother’s Restaurant. I had toyed with making a few here and there mostly for family gifts until this restaurant request came in. We fine-tuned the design and of course HAD to include the info card. On the back of each card, we printed the restaurant’s name and details. The restaurant was the Oak Oven Beanery. A very fitting item indeed.

The Info card explains the Bean Spoon Novelty and it’s humorous use in ridding your beans of gas! Place spoon in pot while cooking any kind of beans. DO NOT REMOVE! Spoon will get the gas out of the beans. The little farts will climb up the ladder and jump over the side. 🙂

These make a great gift for all kitchens, cooks, and foodies!

Bean Spoons

The little “Farts” climb up the ladder and over the side.

Bean Spoon


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