Named after SpaceX Mars Starship, inspired by Vintage Sci-Fi like Buck Rogers, I bring to you my STARSHIP Lamp.

A mix of Steampunk, Vintage Edison Lamps, and Sci-Fi Nostalgia:


Vintage Edison Globe style bulb
Wireframe lamp shade
Custom Handcrafted STARSHIP rocket in glimmering silver and copper
Ready-for-Launch Indicator LED lights
On-Off Dimmer with solid Brass dimmer wheel
Massive ‘Launch” base
Cast Iron feet
Vintage Cloth-Wrapped wire

The Build:

This thing has been rattling around in my head for quite some time, so I was thrilled to finally bring it into reality.

I began with the rocket body; turning it into shape on my vintage Shopsmith in lathe mode. No templates or measurements, just all by eye and feel.

Turning On the Shopsmith…

Shaping and fine sanding of the Starship body complete, its time to attach the rocket fins. Fins are epoxied into a freehand routed groove. Since this is to be painted, a flawless fit between the fin and body were not important. Any gaps etc. were filled in and smoothed out with the epoxy.

All the fins attached.

Standing tall and looking pretty good.

Masking for paint

Notes – Sanding sealer was used prior to paint. the Silver/Aluminum paint required many coats. The Copper seamed to be a bit less transparent than the silver and took less to cover the fins. The tail of the rocket was originally going to be flat black, but I ended up giving it a faded paint job with red fading into the black to mimic the glow of rocket engines firing up.

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